3 de noviembre de 2011

Oponerse a la enmienda 26 | Mississipi | Elecciones

Why No on 26

Amendment 26 is government going too far.

It’s bad for our health, out of line with Mississippi values, and its costs are the last thing our economy needs right now.

We all want to reduce the number of abortions, but 26 is so extreme that it would ban common forms of birth control like the pill.

Think about it…26 would threaten women’s lives. A pregnant woman battling cancer might not have access to the treatment to save her own life.

26 would force the victim of rape or incest to carry a pregnancy caused by her attacker, forcing her to relive the horror of her attack.

There’s more.

26 would mean higher taxes, more government spending on social services, and a bonanza for trial lawyers.

In this economy, the last thing we need is another unnecessary law that would that would cost us millions.

Vote NO on Amendment 26.

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